The Rider is the 38th episode of Path of the Jedi.


Breaking into an impireal prison isn't not easy than breaking out.


It all started in Part 1 when today is Brittles' moving day. (Kanan Jarrus: Don't-worry-mr.-and-mrs.-brit-tle-we'll-have-you-and-your-family-move-in-in-no-time.) Everything is already here for their moving day. They picked out Mr. Brittle's reading chair on top floor. Ezra is annoyed about adventure and uses a little more action. Suddenly an explosion appeared and then there was a man in the spaceship. He goes by the name of Inquisitor. He tells Ezra to go on an adventure to nicely give the stuff back to the people and making them happy. in Part 2, they arrived at the bar. Ezra Bridger and The Inquisitor have a wine drink. Kanan Jarrus rounds up the old enemies. They leave the bar and they go on an awesome space chase. They see the Death Star and Ezra thinks it's a moon. They made it there right on time. Rock music plays when they entered the Death Star door. Not so longer, the door was shut and Kanan Jarrus waves goodbye to Ezra. in Part 3, Ezra and Inquisitor entered the Treasure Room. Inquisitor says that "He's rich." Ezra didn't like that The Inquisitor is evil. The lady says on the speaker "INTRUDER ALERT!!!!!". On an lonely planet, Kanan Jarrus wants a student of his own. Suddenly at the Death Star, Clone Trooper Captain's watchdogs are arresting Inquisitor and Ezra Bridger. Ezra says that Kanan messes up a plan to do something nice. It's like he's magic. Then a monster and Kanan Jarrus arrive at the Death Star. He made a flashback on K Ton 6 where they helped an unnamed man find his contact lenz. They made it out of the Death Star with Inquisitor, but then Inquisitor ended up on the lonely planet. It ends when Ezra loves Shadow Stormtrooper.


  • Inquisitor is a bad guy.