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About Pathology Resident Wiki

The Pathology Resident Wiki is for all pathology residents. The goal of the wiki is to provide a central location with up-to-date information regarding fellowship application, online pathology resources, and everything else that residents would find useful. The wiki also contains a list of pathology residency and fellowship programs in the USA. The wiki is a work in progress, and all pathology residents are encouraged to help make this site great by editing or updating information that is missing. Adding information to the wiki is as easy as editing a Word document, and anyone can do it! If you see info missing, please feel free to add it. If you see incorrect info, please help out by correcting it. With your help, this wiki can become a comprehensive resource for pathology residents.

Pathology Wiki Action Group

We are looking for interested pathologists to help continue to build and admin this wiki. Please contact Jan Glas ( if you are interested in joining the CAP Residents Forum Pathology Wiki Action Group. The Action Group is open to all interested parties, including residents, fellows, and practicing pathologists. It is a great way to get involved and help out, and you can add it to your CV!


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